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There will be two exams. Syllabus of the exams will be announced in advance. Besides these exams, the subject teachers, on a regular basis, will also conduct class tests. The test papers will be sent to the parents/guardians. Marks obtained the Half yearly Exam and Annual Exam count towards the aggregate which will determine at the end of the year, for the promotion to the higher class as well as the awarding to prizes of General Proficiency. Special arrangements for examinations tests cannot be made for pupils who, for any reason, are absent for any of the examination/ test If the absence is justified, the fact will be taken into account at the end of the school year.Marks and other remarks indicating promotion or failure, duly attested by the Principal are to be considered as final. Anyone found using unfair means in the examination will be debarred from further examination and will be declared to have failed They may be suspended of even expelled from school. No pupil will be allowed to sit for promotion exam if the attendance during the year is below 80%.

The School academic year commences in January and ends in December.

School timing:

9 AM To 2.10 PM.

On Saturdays School timing:
9 AM To 12.10 PM.

These timings are subject to change whenever necessary ;it may not Always be possible to intimate the change in advance.