Vice Principal's Message

Vice Principal's Message

“Home is the first school of a child and a school must be its second home”

Education is a beautiful process, which culls out the hidden talents, values, and by shying away the unwanted ones. Education must not aim at only intellectual formation, but it needs to be a holistic formation physical, spiritual, ethical, and emotional formation along with intellectual formation. And so, according to the motto of our school, “Educating Heart & Mind,” we always aim at academic excellence along with moral and spiritual values, making them responsible human beings. Holy Cross High School, Panisagar has been forming future leaders by shaping their present since 1997.

A journey has begun with lots of hope, aspirations and expectations. Though the school has had a very humble beginning, the present infrastructure development in a campus of its own and the orderliness in both the academic and disciplinary aspects of the school may draw more students to pursue their studies in this institution. From the very beginning we are not fanatical about increasing the numerical strength of the school but committed to form those who come here to not only get themselves but also, in turn, become agents of transformation of the larger society. What makes a Holy Cross institution uniquely different from other institution is not only its academic excellence but also the total and complete formation of each individual as “persons for and with others”.



Rev.Fr.Arokiasamy Innaci CSC

Vice Principal & Administrator